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Margaret WertheimDo you need individualized expert guidance in order to lose weight, manage digestive issues, have more energy, or optimize your diet to support fertility and a healthy pregnancy? Margaret can help you adjust your diet and lifestyle to help you feel and look your best and prevent/manage health conditions like IBS, high cholesterol, PCOS, diabetes, and infertility. One-on-one nutrition sessions are available in-person in Madison, Wisconsin or via phone or skype for those living elsewhere. If you live in Madison or surrounding areas and would like an in-person appointment, check out my Madison website.

Here’s how it works. Once you book the appointment, you will be sent a healthy history form and food journal. During your appointment, Margaret will review your health and history, medications, supplements, and food journal and provide personalized nutrition and supplement recommendations. After completing the appointment, you will receive your personalized recommendations as well as handouts, recipes, and other resources.


Initial appt: $95 (60 minutes)

Follow-up appts: $80 (45 minutes)

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