How To Eat More Vegetables

How to Eat More Vegetables

No matter your philosophy or school when it comes to nutrition, most people agree that eating more vegetables is a way to support your overall health, manage weight, and prevent chronic disease. Vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals and fiber that support good digestion and health of our gut bacteria. I often notice that…

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Healthiest Yogurts: How Much Added Sugar is in Your Favorite Yogurt? – Updated March 2016

Yogurt is a deliciously creamy snack, and people in the health and fitness world and advertisers herald it as a wonderful health food. Yogurt has some very real benefits especially from the beneficial bacteria, but is there a downside? Have you considered how much added sugar is in your yogurt? I usually recommend no more…

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Sweet Potato Waffles

I discovered this recipe almost by accident. I wanted to provide a whole foods based and flourless waffle recipe that would still taste great. I thought, why don’t I just take my Simple Sweet Potato Pancake recipe and cook them up in the waffle iron. And viola, you have Sweet Potato waffles. I also highly…

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Meal Planning: Sunday = Food Prep Day

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antoine de Saint Exupéry I just love this quote, because it exemplifies how we often have a goal we want to achieve, but don’t clearly delineate the steps to achieving that goal. As a non-food example that I have personal experience with, I have often…

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Healthy and Quick Breakfasts

It seems like I’m on a roll with posting about breakfast, but I just have so many clients that really struggle with breakfast – either frequently skipping it or starting the day off with a sugary breakfast that leaves them craving sugar the rest of the day. So I thought I’d share a list of…

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