Healthy Granola Recipe: Nutty Low Sugar Granola


This healthy granola recipe is very low in added sugar with only 2 grams of added sugar from maple syrup per 1/4-cup serving – this is much lower than most varieties of granola. It has a variety of  nuts and seeds which provide healthy fats, and the orange peel makes this granola taste like an…

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Healthiest Yogurts: How Much Added Sugar is in Your Favorite Yogurt? – Updated March 2016


Yogurt is a deliciously creamy snack, and people in the health and fitness world and advertisers herald it as a wonderful health food. Yogurt has some very real benefits especially from the beneficial bacteria, but is there a downside? Have you considered how much added sugar is in your yogurt? I usually recommend no more…

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Sweet Potato Waffles


I discovered this recipe almost by accident. I wanted to provide a whole foods based and flourless waffle recipe that would still taste great. I thought, why don’t I just take my Simple Sweet Potato Pancake recipe and cook them up in the waffle iron. And viola, you have Sweet Potato waffles. I also highly…

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Meal Planning: Sunday = Food Prep Day

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“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antoine de Saint Exupéry I just love this quote, because it exemplifies how we often have a goal we want to achieve, but don’t clearly delineate the steps to achieving that goal. As a non-food example that I have personal experience with, I have often…

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Cheesecake Cupcakes (sweetened with maple syrup)


Cheesecake is definitely a decadent treat, and it also happens to be my Valentine’s favorite treat. So I tasked myself with making a lower sugar version that he would like and I would feel good about. The reason I don’t feel great about most cheesecake recipes is that they are often higher in sugar than…

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