Today starts my series of 3 videos for helping you make the holidays healthier. On average, we tend to gain 1-2 pounds over the holidays and often don’t end up losing those pounds. As the holidays approach, we are bombarded sugar just about everywhere we look, and this excess sugar tends to work against us in a few different ways. When we eat excess sugar, we tend have a bigger appetite and can end up on a blood sugar roller coaster that can lead to mood swings and large swings in energy as we fluctuate from hyper blood sugar highs to lethargic blood sugar lows. In addition, we set ourselves up for major sugar cravings and a habit of eating sugar that is hard to break, despite the best of intentions, when the New Year rolls around. Check out this video to learn how to modify your holiday recipes to lower the sugar content and keep the holidays a little bit healthier.



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    • Natalie

      Great tips Margaret! I can’t wait to see your recipe makeover in the next video.

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