This recipe came about by accident. I needed to bring a dish to a party and was short on time. I really love red cabbage and thought I’d try adding candied pecans (lightly coated in maple syrup). I dressed it quickly with olive oil and lemon juice and to my surprise, it was a hit! Now I regularly bring this salad to parties, and it’s reall quick to make!

Red Cabbage Slaw with Pecans
The gentle sweetness of the pecans nicely balances the flavor of the red cabbage. This is a great salad to make on Sunday and eat throughout the week. It’s also great for parties and potlucks.

Gluten free/Dairy free

3/4 cup candied pecans (see recipe below)1/2 medium head or 1 small head of red cabbage
juice of 1 lemon
1/4 cup olive oil

Make the candied pecans first following the recipe below. While the pecans are cooling, cut the core out of the red cabbage and shred using the food processor shred attachment. You can also finely chop my hand. Finely chop the pecans, and add to the cabbage and stir until evenly distributed. Add lemon juice and olive oil, and stir until cabbage is coated with dressing. Store in the refrigerator. Enjoy!

Candied Pecans
Gluten free/Dairy free
Makes ¾ cup candied pecans

1 teaspoon coconut oil
¾ cup raw pecan halves
⅛ teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon maple syrup

Heat coconut oil over medium heat in a small pot until melted. Add pecans and stir to coat pecans with coconut oil. Sprinkle salt onto pecans. Add maple syrup, and mix to coat pecans in maple syrup. Immediately remove from heat. (If you leave the pecans on the hot burner, they will likely burn.)


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